Passionate Palermo

Passionate Palermo Palermo, il mercato del Capo by Frengo2.0

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 16th February 2010 and has been read 4438 times.

Palermo, Sicily - intense, colourful, delicious, challenging, moving  Understanding how the university worked and adapting to the very different system out there were challenges I expected, as well as the initial culture shock. However, very soon, the positive sides outweighed the negative and there were lots of fun things to do and many intriguing historical places to visit! The atmosphere was sometimes heavy, but also very dynamic and creative in some parts of the city. I got the chance to travel a little to smaller villages and towns on the island; I went to Catania and a small town near it, Lentini, and to Naples, Rome and Tuscany.

Make sure you prepare yourself by reading up about where you are going; the culture, religion and history of the place, as it can open you up to issues you might not realise exist and might perhaps help you to adapt to their way of life.

Useful local words: 'Amuni', 'cacoccioli', 'granite'.

What not to pack: I shouldn't have taken any crockery.

What to pack: Some sunblock.

Couldn't have done without: Fruit, theatre and Bianca my bicycle.

Word of advice: Be open-minded while you’re there as it helps a lot when some things don’t go according to plan.  Let them pass and remember there is also a HUGE positive side to your year abroad.

CB, Portuguese and Italian, Bristol University

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