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This article was written by Poppy Bending Beckett, published on 12th August 2010 and has been read 3300 times.

The Hidden Jewel Paihia, known by locals as the jewel of the Bay of Islands, sits nestled up in the highest tip of the North Island. Home to fine dining, turquoise waters, beautiful beaches and abundant wildlife, Paihia is a fantastic get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Auckland. The Bay itself is a 16km-wide inlet in the northeastern coast of the island. Paihia, the capital of the area, is popular with tourists and holidaying locals alike. The sun shines brightly throughout the summer months and although Paihia becomes busy, there always seems to be enough space for everyone to enjoy and relax in.
Why should I choose Paihia for my year abroad?
Though you may not want to choose this little piece of paradise as a year abroad destination but rather as a quick getaway, you would be missing out if you didn’t pay it a visit. If you’re looking to work in the tourism industry, or just fancy making the most of the glorious sunshine, gorgeous beaches, finding a job out here should definitely be considered. With many hotels and boat cruises, you’re more than likely to get some sort of work in, even if it is just for a few months. A must do activity whilst staying in Paihia is to go out on the Rock boat, on an overnight cruise. The Rock is New Zealand’s biggest houseboat, with a capacity of 36; the cruise is an ideal way of exploring the Bay of Islands whilst enjoying the good company of others on board. The cruise includes a number of great activities such as night kayaking through waters glowing with phosphorescent lights, fishing by dusk and wildlife spotting from the deck. This is Kiwi living at it’s best. If you fancy grabbing a bite to eat, you should consider hot-footing it to Alfresco’s (which, incidentally, also doubles up as a bar in the evening...should you wish to while the night away here), or why not sink your teeth into a copious breakfast, enjoying the stunning views on offer at Cafe Over The Bay. For fine dining, get your best outfit on and walk across to 35 Degrees South, where you’ll enjoy your meal with fish for company (no, really - there’s a huge aquarium as the centrepiece). If you’re after spectacular views of the bay, head to Mako Beach Bar, where you’ll sip on a cold beer and get your fill from one of their succulent gourmet burgers. Cocktails are what makes the Sugar Boat oh-so-special: nice music, freshly made drinks and a distinctively cool atmosphere mean you’re guaranteed an enjoyable evening. Nightclub fans will also find something to fit the bill - Paihia has a few good places to keep you entertained past midnight. Try your luck at the Lighthouse, by far the most popular of clubs here, and deservedly so: cheap, cheerful and a heck of a lot of fun. The DJs sure know how to spin those decks to make sure everyone’s having a good time. Plus, as it’s on the waterfront, if you’re bored of the scenery inside, just turn the other way and you’ll be blessed with a view most people can only dream of. 

So if you’re based in Auckland – make sure you make the trip North to this stunning little place, you’ll return to the capital happy and relaxed, guaranteed.

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