9. Packed Munches goes live!

9. Packed Munches goes live!

This article was written by Fiona Timba, published on 21st October 2013 and has been read 21541 times.

We know that we’ve kept you waiting but we can announce that our site is now live. You can see a sneak peek below but why not just click on the site yourselves! We mentioned our survey winner in the last post and undertaking this market researche helped us not only to identify who our key customers will be, but also the price they are willing to pay.

The last stage of setting up the business was what I like to refer to as our beta stage (although Sabrina hates this name). We tested the site and trialled it on our friends and family, checking that our payment systems worked and also asking them to highlight any typos of which ashamedly there were a few – I blame this on living abroad however, something you’ll be familiar with when you return ☺

Here are some snippets from our Press Release:

Fiona Timba, co-founder of Packed Munches has worked and studied in Paris, Maastricht and Brussels, she said: ‘Living abroad can be exciting and tough in equal measure. As well as family, friends and familiar settings, one of the things I missed enormously was British food. I spent the last three years abroad so know what it’s like to REALLY need a proper cup of tea with Rich tea biscuits! Our pre-sign up stage received hundreds of enquiries so we’re so excited to launch a service that people really want.’

Each Munchbox will be bursting with products that are only available in the UK or are very difficult to come by outside of the UK. The box will have a minimum of eight products with staples such as tea, crisps and chocolate always included. There will also be a selection of surprise, seasonal products that will give expats a nice reminder of home.

Sabrina Hamilton co-founder of Packed Munches said ‘We wanted to make Munchboxes both practical and exciting. That is why we decided to include the staples alongside surprise products each month.It’s always nice to receive something unexpected in the mail, so we hope that Munchboxes will put a smile on the faces of homesick Brits and make them feel a little closer to home. For this reason, Packed Munches also make brilliant gifts for family and friends living abroad.'

Special Discount

In order to say thank you to Third Year Abroad for following us on this erratic journey we’d like to offer all readers who subscribe to receive a monthly box 50% off the cost of the first box (so you can get your box for £6.25!). To get this discount just enter ‘thirdyearabroad’ in the coupon section of the payment page.

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