Objective: Travel Safety

Objective: Travel Safety Prepare for all eventualities! by Eddie Codel

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 21st February 2010 and has been read 6800 times.

Are you thinking about spending your year abroad in a completely new place? Have you stopped to consider the cultural differences and how best to blend in and stay out of trouble?   I went down to the Troubadour in London Earl's Court to find out how a safety course could possibly help third year abroad students survive their time away... and it was great!  Yes, there were a lot of gap year students in the class but, despite the age difference, the travel safety information you need is exactly the same.
You wouldn't want to run into a Rickshaw, Cow, Car AND Motorbike in the middle of the night! by edmittanceWhat would you do if, for instance, you were in Bangkok airport and suddenly discovered a paper parcel of drugs in your backpack?  How should you react if you're mugged and who should you tell?  The increasing need of safety awareness for young travellers lead to the creation of the Gap Safety course. In one day, students are given advice, warnings and responses to various situations they may face.  It’s mostly common sense, but in the last 2 years, it has been invaluable to previous students who ran into trouble - especially worth thinking about if you're heading out of Europe on your year abroad.

You can ask all of your questions about hiding money, travelling at night, packing sensibly, being safe on the streets and how do deal with unsuspected cultural differences, find out what you should do in all sorts of intrepid, scary and death-defying situations, take a pack of useful info, advice and contact details away with you, plus lunch and drinks are included!

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