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There’s only one word to describe the Netherlands: unconventional. A country essentially built on water, spanning across approximately 41,500 km² and with 17 million inhabitants to boot, this densely populated land has been famed for quite a few things, beyond its brilliant engineering. As one of the first countries to legalise cannabis, gay marriage and one-night courtships, the Netherlands is the precursor for all things liberal. The people are friendly, cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam attract international business, and yes ok, the country is flat, but that doesn’t stop it from being pretty, windmills and tulips at the ready. The Mole Diaries: Utrecht
Why should I choose the Netherlands for my year abroad?
Whether you want to head up to Amsterdam and live in the hubbub of all things, complete with good universities, a brilliant biking scheme, canals and superb architecture, or you’re looking for somewhere with serious international kudos, like The Hague, or you fancy medieval flair, incarnated in the city of Utrecht, Holland will attract year abroaders who fancy a dose of historic importance, modern living and mesmerising nature escapes for their year away. Maybe you’re looking for top universities, or you fancy dipping your toes in the world of international business, or you may even be looking for that little something extra - the Netherlands has it.

The liberal attitude can’t help but surprise you - the Dutch are famously more open-minded than their European neighbours, and it shows. You can quite easily be pitching up your tent for the night in the middle of unspoilt farmland, or enjoy the pleasures of sipping on an ice-cold beer in trendy districts of its capital city, Amsterdam. Looking for work out here is relatively easy, as most international companies have offices here; you can just as easily practise your English and your Dutch simultaneously. Famous universities include, but are not restricted to, the Universiteit van Amsterdam,  Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Whether you’re looking to work or study, the Netherlands, with its tolerant attitude, fantastic cultural scene and cosmopolitan outlook won’t fail to captivate Dutch and non-Dutch speakers alike!

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