My year abroad in 5 photos: Georgetown University, USA

My year abroad in 5 photos: Georgetown University, USA 1. Snow

This article was written by Josh Duxbury from King's College London, published on 28th June 2017 and has been read 4243 times.

Josh Duxbury is studying International Politics at King’s College London, and is spending his year abroad studying Government and Philosophy at Georgetown University in Washington, USA. Here are 5 photographs which epitomise his time there...

1. Snow
[Photo above] The ridiculously cold north-eastern water caused a campus shutdown for three days. This photo is just outside of campus in the beautiful area of Georgetown, a day after the snowstorm ended!

2. Cherry blossoms

Each year in DC the cherry blossom festival makes the whole of DC look like a postcard. My parents happened to visit at the time and it was so exciting to show them round!

3. Food

American food may have a bad rep for consisting of burgers and hot dogs, but the brunch culture was incredible. The photo above is at my favourite brunch stop in New York.

4. Travels

Undoubtedly one of the best parts of studying abroad was the travel opportunities. This photo is the peak of a very long hike in Zion National Park.

5. The people

I made some of my best friends on my semester abroad, bonding over giant cupcakes and old monuments. This was definitely the best part of the semester, and now I have free accommodation all over the world!

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