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My Granada by harshilshah

This article was written by Chloë Rose, published on 31st July 2015 and has been read 2347 times.

Chloë Rose studies English Literature and Hispanic Studies BA at the University of Birmingham and has just come back from studying in Granada. Inspired by our article on using your blog to reflect on your year abroad, Chloë put together this piece to give an insight into 'her' Granada...

1. Home is…?

Calle Carril del Picon, with a bakery on one side and a perfumería on the other.

2. Building you’d like to buy?

El Corte Ingles… or at least, everything in it!

3. Best meal?

Panoramic 360: Granada’s premier restaurant, with a 360 view of the gorgeous city. The clue’s in the name though…

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.17.15

4. Best value for money meal?

Fresco’s – under €10 (with your student card) for all you can eat. Who can turn that down?!

5. Favourite place to shop?

Winding my way up and down Calle Reyes Catolicas onto Calle Recogidas through Granada’s shopping district. Though if I had to, had to choose I’d pick Stradivarius as my number one.

6. First thing you do when you arrive?

Find somewhere to sit and just look around in awe at the beauty you’ve found yourself in. Even cities like Granada move pretty quickly, sometimes you just need to stop and breathe it all in.

7. Best drinking spot?

Chupiteria 69 obviously!! Yes it totally looks like a run down little shack from the outside, but this is an Erasmus hotspot, with over 100x €1 shots. With every shot you buy you get a token which can be saved up and exchanged for prizes. By our final night out in Granada myself and Jayne managed to scrape together enough for a shot glass, which we now share custody of!

8. Best first date location?

In summer, out overlooking Granada, Carmela on the terrace. Perfect for a glass of white and an intimate atmosphere, away from the rowdy youths who might not venture up somewhere quite as classy. For something even more intimate, and especially in winter, Café Bohemia.

9. Earliest Granada memory?

Driving in and thinking how strikingly similar the drive in was to driving into Birmingham, but how wonderfully different it was when you come up from the underpass.

10. Favourite discovery?

Can I say Stradivarius and Sephora? No?? Then probably Café Amsterdam, where Jayne and I went spontaneously looking for cocktails and thought they would be super expensive because it was such a nice bar, but actually they were only €5. I liked it so much that that’s where I ended up celebrating my 21st whilst out in Spain.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.19.41

11. Best cultural spot?

Can it be called cultural? Parque Federico Garcia Lorca, or as we call it, the Lorca Park. On a plot of land that once belonged to Lorca himself, with his house as the centre, this park is a gorgeous place to walk around and you often see families here walking on a Sunday. Also a great place to go and read a book on a sunny afternoon.

12. Favourite club?

El Camborio: Erasmus hotspot overlooking the Alhambra, with a mix of English and Spanish music. Not without its annoying Spanish guys, who obviously go there because they know that Erasmus girls will be there, but if you can brush them off, you’re sure to have a great night with your girls!

13. Best place to end a night out?

My bed!

14. What would you do if you were Mayor for a day?

Make the bin men stop coming at 11.30pm on the dot.

15. Building you’d like to be locked in overnight?

Cafe Bohemia. It’s got a totally retro vibe, with the walls adorned with classic 50s and 60s photos and old books on the shelves. It’s like stepping back in time. With the huge ice cream sundaes and yummy hot chocolates, it’s like being in a 50s diner right in the middle of Granada. It looks a bit daunting from the outside (like what is this place you’re taking me to??) but the second you step through the doors, you’ll know exactly why you’re there.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.23.17

16. Best time of year to visit?

May. It’s beautiful, with the leaves on the trees all full and blooming and it’s not quite the painful heat of June just yet.

17. Thing you’d miss the most if you left?
I did leave!! And yes, I miss the weather, but most of all I miss the freedom of just being able to walk everywhere and be anywhere in the city in 15 minutes.

18. Most overhyped tourist trap?

I don’t really know about this one to be honest… maybe Mirador San Nicolas. Full of tourists, and yeah, the view’s great, but there’s a far superior one just a bit further up.

19. Favourite local expression?

Just calling the corner shops ‘chinos’ and it not being racist and everyone knowing what you mean.

20. Best way to get from A to B?

Walking! Any other way and you might miss out on something beautiful.

21. Best view?

Mirador San Miguel Alto at sunrise. Totally worth the hike.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.26.02

22. Who’s your local hero?

David, my handyman, who helped me out of many tricky situations.

23. What’s next on your list?
Maybe I should finally get around to seeing Madrid, the one place I didn’t get to see on my year abroad…

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