Video: my French after 3 and 6 months abroad.

Video: my French after 3 and 6 months abroad. by Zoe

This article was written by Zoe Taylor from The University of Surrey, published on 15th December 2014 and has been read 3696 times.

Zoe Taylor is studying BSc Business Management and French at the University of Surrey and is currently based in Toulouse, France, where she is working as a Global Sourcing Intern at Airbus Group. She is blogging and you can follow her on Twitter, but in the meantime here's how her French has changed over 6 months abroad.

Roll up, roll up, to see the most cringey videos on the Internet!

I do truly consider my blog a constant learning exercise, be that learning how to navigate Movie Maker or how to set up a camera at the right height/angle/light, this video took me a lot longer than I expected and that is my main reason for still uploading it, even though I can barely watch it without heaving.

For me it’s really important to give a raw account of my third year abroad, and these videos clearly demonstrate this. Ain't nothing to hide here on the 'let’s-test-my-terrible-cringey-French' train.

  • Why do I sound so posh?
  • Why does my voice go like that when I speak French?
  • Why can I not stop clicking that bloody pen???

If you know the answers to any of these mysteries then let me know in a comment.

Three months later...

Here I am again with another video of how not-great my French has become thanks to six months of living in France. How exciting!

I must admit that I am in a little bit of a bad mood as I post this, as I am upset/annoyed that this video actually seems worse than my first. More than a little disheartening on my part and I'm really on the edge of not posting it all together.

BUT STILL I did make a minor promise to myself to keep this up, if anything it serves as a massive kick up the backside to make sure that my next video is better. I also genuinely feel that my French is not as bad as this day to day. I really do believe I've improved since 3 months ago, but I'm not really sure why I can't prove it to myself on a camera.

There do seem to be a couple of running themes through my little speech too, the first is that every thing is difficile, the second is that I'm obsessed with les vendredi soirs, and the third is that I can't stop touching my own face. I didn't realise I possessed any of these qualities about me before! I'm so pleased. I'll go get a thesaurus.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to make no nasty comments - please don't break me even more than I already am!

Six months later...

Here is a 10-minute summary of my amaaaazing year abroad in Toulouse!

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