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This article was written by Sophie J Green, published on 30th March 2010 and has been read 22635 times.

Milan, Italy – fast-paced, urban, expensive, glamorous and nocturnal  Milan is an Italian city with an edge, yes there are still beautiful buildings and gorgeous piazzas, but there is also a real urban feel to the place. It's the Italian capital of fashion, celebrity and glamour (in certain nightspots this is very evident) and so it does make for an expensive city. There is no specific student area so new friends may be scattered across the metro network, although the public transport is both very cheap (a student monthly card is only 17 euros), and very efficient. There are lots of bars and clubs, drinks are strong and restaurants stay open until 2am and clubs until 6am, but there are also lots of fantastic exhibitions, galleries, shops, theatres, and many public free events in Piazza Duomo. Milan’s location is fantastic for day trips. In the summer months, you can go to Lago Maggiore, Como, or the beautiful Cinqueterre on the Ligurian coast; and in the winter, skiing is just three hours away by train. I also visited the nearby cities of Bergamo, Genoa, Mantua, Brescia, Turin and Verona.

Useful local words: Apperitivo or happy hour - most bars have a set time in the evening (normally 7-9.30) where for the cost of one drink (around 7 euros), you can help yourself as many times as you like to an extensive buffet of food. Expect salads, pizza, pasta dishes, and cold meats but some extend to oysters and desserts, and Indian and Japanese-themed aperitivo can also be found. Cheese, Obika and Trattoria Toscana are all highly recommended!

What not to pack: Towels - you can easily get some while you're out here. Bedsheets too for that matter!

What to pack: Mosquito repellent - the city has loads and they stick around until November.

Couldn’t have done without: A guidebook.

Word of advice: If looking for a room in an apartment in Milan, be aware that many internet adverts are scams. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! Never give any money over before seeing the apartment.

Sophie J Green, Italian and English Literature, Edinburgh University

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