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The Mole Diaries: Copenhagen Bicycles in Copenhagen by DC Forever

This article was written by Martin Dathan, published on 9th April 2010 and has been read 24871 times.

Martin Dathan gives us some insider's tips on what it's like to be down and out in cool Copenhagen...Top things not to miss in Copenhagen:Cycling One aspect of Copenhagen which the locals are most proud of is the city’s attitude toward the environment. The climate conference Cop15 was hosted here, Christiania exists in the heart of the city and you even receive money for every bottle or can you recycle! But the big thing here is cycling. I most strongly urge anyone staying in Copenhagen to purchase a cheap second hand bike, there are places located throughout the city to do so, and experience the city the best way possible – on bike. Cyclists are very well looked after on the streets as on every road is a raised cycle path ensuring safety from any traffic; on top of it being faster than both metro and bus, it is a wonderfully healthy lifestyle cycling to school, shops, or bars.
Copenhagen Business School Arrival Pack
I was very well accommodated for upon entering the country. Not only was I picked up at the airport by my ‘buddy’ and taken directly to my halls of residence, but he also presented me with my arrival pack. This package included all means of useful practical information for exchange students as well as keys and a Danish sim card complete with credit – just make sure you have a mobile which is unlocked. If this is not the case there are numerous shops that will unlock mobile phones for around £10. You will need a Danish number to keep in contact with the hundreds of people you meet whilst on your stay!

Medical Treatment
When you reside in Denmark and hold a valid CPR number, you are entitled to free medical treatment from a general doctor and free emergency treatment and hospitalisation amongst other things, but make certain that you are covered by health insurance in your own country until your Danish health insurance is valid. You will also be required to have an insurance that covers home transport as well as liability in case of ‘severe illness or death.’ Must-Go Places Café Noden ApS This is a delightful place full of charm, customers and the best place to get a cup of tea in the whole city. Situated perfectly in the centre of Strøget (the main shopping street) you can sit upstairs and have views down all streets, full of energy that spring from Amagertov. A perfect place to rest weary legs after a day shopping.

Christiania  glass house by seier+seier+seierChristiania
Every guide book will tell you that Christiania is worth a visit and it comes as no surprise that it is one of the most popular things for tourists to see when in Copenhagen. Christiania original started as a social experiment in the 1970s as an alternative community set up shop in the deserted naval yard in the heart of Christianshavn. Many years later the dream continues with 1,000 local residence who everyday welcome tourists to explore their green community. This is a must see as an environment such as this could not work in any other European city. A complete contrast to reality, it is best seen on a sunny summer day when you can marvel at the beauty of the waters that are at the core of this alternative paradise. You can also participate on guided tours by the locals and listen to the pride in which they speak of their home.

For a short excursion away from the city the Louisiana museum of Modern Art is a must. Just a 20-30 minute train ride from the central train station, it is perfect for a day activity. Take time to be part of the ever-changing installations or marvel at some of the greatest artists of the modern age. Make sure you go in the day as the building is perched perfectly on the coast with stunning views across Øresund.

Boat Tour
If you have visitors, a great way to see the city is on one of the many boat tours that depart from Nyhavn in the heart of Copenhagen. This guided voyage will take you to all the major sights in the city and is therefore perfect on a sunny day for those picture-hungry visitors who want to complete their photo collection in one go.

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