Multicultural Manchester

Multicultural Manchester St Annes Square, Manchester by Christopher Elison

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Manchester, UK - cool, trendy, Northern, studenty, lively It's a massive city, being quite cheap and safe (in the right parts). It's got an incredibly diverse feel to it and it's very multicultural, you can feel like you're in Lahore one minute and Kent the next. There's lots to do, loads of culture and awesome architecture.
The University: It's massive, there are loads of students; we basically populate Manchester! Lots of cool looking students, studying at what is fast becoming a top class institute in the world. My faculty is at the cutting edge of research, it's got great facilities, and loads of famous lecturers and researchers. The Students' Union is very political and active.

Salford Quays Manchester by iknow-ukFavourite places: Fallowfield where I live is pretty much always buzzing and cool. I like going to this one random place where two bridges cross, one's all metal and the other is red brick, I really like it, not sure why. Rusholme is quite cool too, wouldn't really relax there, but it's very different. 

Useful local words: Niiice One (to every one, distinguishes you as a Southerner otherwise). You're probably best missing out words up North than including them "have you seen my watch anywhere" becomes "seen watch?" 

What not to pack: Anything Liverpool and there's a distaste for tattoos.
What to pack: An umbrella definitely (rains sideways, so it's not always useful), tracksuit top, Ian Brown/ Liam Gallagher swagger down Oxford Road, full and complete knowledge of bus 'banter', Oasis collection, bus fare.

Couldn't have done without: My student card and vintage clothing.
Word of advice: Always thank the bus drivers, if in doubt go 5th Ave, try not to go too far off Oxford Road. Massive T-Rex in the Manchester University Museum, big old wheel near the Arndale, Trafford Centre, Football and Pub Golf are not to be missed. 

Tom, Biochemistry, Manchester University

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