Majestic Magdeburg

Majestic Magdeburg Magdeburg by fun3MD

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 11th May 2011 and has been read 19036 times.

Rosie spent her year abroad in Magdeburg, Germany. Read on as she fills the year abroad blanks...
My name is: Rosie

I'm studying: German and English at University of Hull

For my year abroad I went to: Magdeburg, Germany, for 9 months.

While I was there I: Taught English as a Language Assistant with the British Council.

Five words to describe my year away are: Amazing, refreshing, exciting, silly, growing-up.

My top tips for anyone going there are: Say yes to everything, and push yourself to do everything you've always wanted to do, and everything you've never wanted to do! Get the DATES magazine every month and attend as much in it as possible! Join the IKUS group at the university and go on lots of cheap trips with them, but don't live on campus if you want to improve your language lots. Travel Germany with

The cleverest people find accommodation: On the internet and at university.

Don't leave without: A camera, a notebook, and a pen!

The best night out is:
Moritzhof, Riff or the Kiste.

When your parents visit:
Take them to the Jahrtausendturm.

My favourite lunch place:
The Thai place in the shopping centre.

My best place for a hot date:
The Stadtpark.

On a Sunday:
Bike along the Elbe or lay in the Rotehornpark.

The most useful website I found was:
Dates magazine online! And and

If you want to fit in quickly, you should:
Not live in university accommodation, live in a WG and go to all the events in the local magazines.

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