Jodianne studied abroad in Lyon and Granada and now works as an interpreter for Miss World 2011

Jodianne studied abroad in Lyon and Granada and now works as an interpreter for Miss World 2011 Miss World 2011

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Jodianne studied French and Spanish at Roehampton University and spent her year abroad studying at the Université Lumiere Lyon II in Lyon, France, and at the Faculty of Translation at the University of Granada in Spain. She graduated in 2010 and now works for the Miss World Organisation.
"Upon arrival in both countries the first thing that hit me was that my level of speaking and understanding was extremely poor. The classroom version of the language and the real version were shockingly different. The year abroad experience was particularly important for me because aside from improving my language skills and making new friends, it taught me essential life skills. I was thrown into situations that brought me close to breaking point, but instead of regretting those experiences I am grateful because I am now a more resilient person which benefits me not only in my working environment but in the many situations that I encounter in life on a daily basis.

Just two months after graduation I secured a job working for the Miss World Organisation. My role is a very varied one. One day I’m sitting in the office translating the company website into both Spanish and French, the next I’m away on competition in a foreign country helping to look after more than a hundred delegates from all around the world, helping to facilitate communication between the office and native Spanish and French speakers. Recently I have been accompanying the winner of the 2011 contest who is a native Spanish speaker on various official visits interpreting for her whenever she has to do short interviews for television or has to speak at social gatherings.

When I was offered the job, I didn’t realise that my language skills would help to carry me so far. I have had the pleasure of meeting and looking after important figures in the world of business and politics as well as celebrities. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity that was offered to me by the Erasmus Year Abroad Programme. I cannot stress enough that my current personal and professional life would not have been possible without the invaluable experience and skills acquired throughout those 10 months.

Wherever I travel now whether it be for work or leisure, I feel comfortable because not only am I likely to have a contact in that country because of my job but I speak 3 of the major world languages, so even if I don’t know anyone, I feel secure knowing that I am able to communicate. In the future I’d like to pursue a career in teaching, helping others to discover how amazing it is to be able to communicate with people from all around the world."

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