Latin America

Latin America Macchu Pichu by Nell Fane

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 12th May 2010 and has been read 8276 times.

Fancy spreading your wings further afield? You're not alone, thousands of students choose Latin America as their destination of choice and who could blame then? Whether you're up for the colours and fiestas of Mexico, the Costa Rican coast is your idea of paradise, you're up for the head-spinning heights and delights of Ecuador, exploring the Aztec empire in Peru, learning about culture and identity in Colombia, discovering the beauty of the Amazon or nestling up in a fishermen's village in Brazil, digging into steak and moving your limbs to sensual tango in Argentina or getting the real coastal experience in Chile, check out our country profiles to find out the best places to go, read up on our reviews and spare a minute or two to read our blogs about Hernán Cortés' finest discovery... The Mole Diaries: Buenos Aires The Mole Diaries: La Paz A whistlestop guide: Cuba The Mole Diaries: Guanajuato Culture Shock: Bolivia Culture Shock: Mexico Working in Colombia Working in Chile 

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