Graduate case studies: Careers with Languages Survey

Graduate case studies: Careers with Languages Survey The Careers Day poster they rejected by Alun Salt

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Calling all language graduates: we need your help!Please, please will you answer the following questionnaire about your career path: what you're up to, how you got there, the best language jobs you've come across and your top tips for Modern Language students and graduates to help inspire them and show that you can do amazing things with a language degree other than teaching, interpreting and translation?! Thank you so much!Why are we collecting case studies?We have been to many events at schools and colleges where the only careers that young students can envisage for language graduates are teaching, interpreting and translation, and unfortunately they are not inspired by this idea at all. In any conceivable way, shape or form. It is therefore up to us to collect many and varied case studies of alternative career paths to upload to TYA and show them the range of jobs they can go into if they can speak a foreign language or two. Thank you so much for helping and please do pass this on to friends if you think they might be interested in helping too :)

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