Laid-back Aix-en-Provence

Laid-back Aix-en-Provence A typical street scene after the sun sets in Aix by leadenhall

This article was written by Donatella, published on 28th December 2009 and has been read 22354 times.

Life in Aix en Provence is pretty laid back and chilled, making it a wonderful destination for any year abroad student! You'll soon join the locals around the central plaza, enjoying a café or a nice drink. It's a great studenty town, you're close to some fantastic landmarks (I went to the breathtaking Mont Sainte-Victoire and highly recommend it, although it's a bit of a trek).

Marseille's pretty close, and it's great for shopping, you can enjoy some really pretty walks around the port and tuck into some fresh shellfish served in most of the restaurants. I also went to nearby towns like Saint-Tropez, Les Gorges de Verdon and Arles, for a few weekend trips. One place not to miss is the Iles d'Hyères which were beautiful - transparent water, sandy beaches and picturesque ports!

Useful local words: 'Aixois, 'je kiff'.
What not to pack: There's no need for sheets or kitchen equipment as flats generally come furnished.
What to pack: Some sunblock and a student card.
Couldn't have done without: My headset for Skype.
Word of advice: Make friends with the locals, you'll get to grips with the language and they might even have a car! Great for trips round the Southern Riviera.

Donatella, French and Spanish, Bristol

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