Little La Mure

Little La Mure Sautet Lake, in the road from La Mure to Corps by Teosaurio

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La Mure, France - small, quiet, mountains, snow, pretty  Living in a small place like La Mure, I felt like I'd exhausted the things to do there after 9 months. I thought that integrating and immersing myself into the local community and culture was the hardest challenge of the stay - but by far the most rewarding. After a few weeks, you start to feel at ease with the place. The people are really welcoming and there is a real feeling of a close community and pride over the surrounding area. La Mure is a very small commuter town with very little night life but great access to the 'outdoors'. I was able to travel very easily using Grenoble as a hub.  Places I visited included Paris, Geneva, Marseille, and many parts of the Rhône-Alps.

Useful local words: 'Tarif étudiant', 'rital'.

What not to pack: Cutlery.

What to pack: Some good travel writing.

Couldn't have done without: My passport and student card.

Word of advice: Expect the unexpected regarding Assistantship placements, be brave, don't turn down any invites and enjoy yourself.

TM, French, Bristol University

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