Kristin Scott Thomas speaking French

Kristin Scott Thomas speaking French Kristin Scott Thomas by critics at large

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Kristin Scott Thomas is an English actress, most famous for her roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral, the English Patient and Philippe Claudel's I've Loved You So Long. While training to become a drama teacher in London, she was told she would never be a good enough actress and so she went to work as an au pair in Paris aged 19. Speaking French fluently, she studied acting at the École nationale supérieure des arts et techniques du théâtre (ENSATT) in Paris, and her incredible career took off from there. Kristin brought up her three children in Paris with her French husband for 18 years, and she considers herself more French than British.
"Don't forget the bilingual brilliance of Kristen Scott Thomas - as my pathetic attempts at drama during my year abroad taught me, speaking a language is one thing, but acting so amazingly and movingly is a whole other level of excellence. If you haven't seen her in 'Il y a longtemps que je t'aime', I heartily recommend it!" (Hannah S)

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