Jobs and Internships for Spanish speakers

Jobs and Internships for Spanish speakers Staff Wanted by svet

This article was written by Natacha Cullinan, published on 5th May 2010 and has been read 35938 times.

We've searched the net far and wide and asked some locals for some handy tips as to where to start your job search... Here are their top sites for jobs and internships in Spain.
InfoJobs: The most comprehensive one. It has loads of jobs in all sectors, and it is quite easy to find what you want with they're search engine. Internships are also advertised, normally by saying "Becario" or "Prácticas" in the title. Redtrabaja: Official and government operated jobsite. Loquo: Not so specialised, but quite a lot of job offers. Eures is the European based job mobility search engine. You can get advice about working conditions, CV help, find an internship or job for your upcoming stay and even speak to one of their careers advisors for the latest in finding a job in Spain. "Matador butt" by TwaizeMetropolitan is an English-language magazine about Barcelona. It has a classifieds section which is a good place for expats to find jobs. Similar to Infojobs but not as comprehensive. The best way to find internships is through universities, if you're studying, as many companies prefer hiring students because of the type of contract they offer. Many universities (but not all) have a careers service, usually called "Bolsa de Trabajo", where companies can advertise jobs but mainly internships. Computrabajo: Here's a really useful website for finding work in hispanic countries, in all sorts of areas. Job Rapido: Seriously comprehensive site, offering a truly remarkable amount of job specs in more than 15 countries, from Europe to South America. Zona Jobs is yet another popular website, across South and Central America, open to all. Make sure you upload your CV to get recruiters interested, and search away on their system for a plethora of jobs, internships etc. Can't get hold of what you were looking for on these work sites, and have an idea of where you'd like to work company-wise? Make sure you check out Kompass, the worldwide company listing site. Don't forget to use our forum to ask for advice about hunting for jobs, and use our guide to the important things to know about living in Spain.

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