Italian practice online

Italian practice online Ciao Bella by Quasimondo

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If you're planning your year abroad and want to brush up on your Italian skills at no extra cost, how about practising online with a native speaker? There are many websites dedicated to connecting people from different countries, as well as offering exercises to improve your skills, language games and other ways to while away the hours while subconsciously thinking in Italian...

The Italian Language School gives you the chance to test out your Italian skills online. ILUSS is a useful website for all things Italian, be it testing your level, getting to know the culture, finding a course that's right for you, as well as loads more stuff to keep you busy! Leeds University's Language page is really useful for finding handy online resources for Italian language students. Find your inner bookworm with Liber Liber, where you can download books and find out some useful information about Italian authors. The BBC website offers a helping hand for Italian would-be natives! Guerra Edizioni is great for swotting up on your Italian and reading up on grammar rules. Practice makes perfect -more ways to learn languages online.

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