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Independent Berlin Pattern projected on the Berlin Dome during the Festival Of Lights by Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar)

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 6th June 2010 and has been read 24914 times.

Berlin, Germany - cheap, finger on the pulse  Berlin is teeming with an amazing range of cheap places to go out and is a very young, lively, interesting city. There's loads to do, with some great bars and clubs to explore. My advice would be to arrive early, do a bit of research before you go especially on accommodation and bureaucracy, and try your best to find a free language course while you’re there. That way, as you learn new vocab and grammar you can compile a list of questions and then have the answers explained properly by a native speaker.

Useful local words: 'Gell'.

What not to pack: Too many DVDs - the cinema's cheap here.

What to pack: Travel plug adaptors.

Couldn't have done without: My student card.

Word of advice: Ask at the local university or have a go at some conversation exchange with a local – you might even make a new group of friends out of it!

Ed, German and Italian, Bristol University


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