How to practise your Greek language skills

How to practise your Greek language skills by Rob and Stephanie Levy

This article was written by Maria Tomlinson, published on 2nd September 2011 and has been read 4539 times.

In all honesty there are very few resources online to help you learn Greek because it is not a commonly learned language. Having said that, here are a few tips on how to improve your language, and they won't break the bank!

Useful online resources

1. - A wonderful online resource with a fantastic monolingual dictionary. Great for advanced learners. The website also includes information about Greek literature and history.
2. Kypros - There is an online dictionary, a spell check and free courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. All you need to do is set up an account and it is free.
3. Modern Greek Verbs - Online conjugations with around 1000 verbs.
4. - You can find out about all thinks Greek here including news, culture and other Greek websites and blogs


1. If you have some money to spend, the most fun, interesting and brilliant for self-teaching book in my opinion are the ‘Επικοινωνήστε Ελληνικά’ (Communicate in Greek ) series by K. Arvanitakis. They cost around £20-25 each and can be purchased online or at the Hellenic Book Shop in Kentish town, London. Here, you'll fing the largest resource of Greek books in the UK.
2. The best verb book in my opinion is 201 Modern Greek Verbs by V. Christides and it can be purchased online for as little as £6.

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