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Home Sweet Home Split screen campervan by VW Escape

This article was written by Natacha Cullinan, published on 29th March 2010 and has been read 37431 times.

Here's a list of some of the finest websites on the world wide web, to help you find your perfect pied-à-terre when abroad... Just make sure you don't swap information over with your contact too easily - if it looks too good to be true, chances are it probably is!

Accommodation Abroad

Craig's List is a veritable hotbed of international listings. We don't know who Craig is, but he seems to be a connected sorta guy, with country or city specific sites. Best of the bunch are the shared flats, with adverts coming up everyday, but there's also loads in terms of studios, property exchanges etc. jobs are also listed, as are friendly adverts but our favourite section has got to be the rants and raves. Many an afternoon gone (wasted) reading about what grinds people's gears. Easy Roommate is also a good bet; you're able to change countries quite easily at the top, sign up and find your ideal roomie for your time away. Roommate Locator aims to get you a flatshare easily, with offers worldwide.
For more country-specific places, check out: FUSAC, although aimed at an English-speaking expat market, has some good listings all across Paris, and the surrounding area. PAP stands for 'de particulier à particulier' is what the locals recommend - and the 'no agency fees' make it a pretty good bet too! Loquo is useful for all those heading out to Spain and are looking for a flat to share, with listings regularly put up, across the Iberian Peninsula. just make sure the people you contact aren't, er, too loco for you. Piso Compartido is also pretty good, again, for those heading out to Spain for their time away. Metro Roommates useful, just create an account and you're off! Expat is super useful for anyone heading out to Russia.

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