Hidden-away Moreuil

Hidden-away Moreuil View of Amiens France near Moreuil by CanadaGood

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Moreuil, France - peaceful, beautiful, cultural, lost, cute  Without making an effort, a small village can be a very isolating experience. Moreuil was a beautiful place and the people were very friendly, which helped me settle in. There were lots of clubs and societies and I wasn't far from Amiens. To really enjoy Moreuil, you'd have to be up for living  in a small village. I worked a lot and therefore didn't have much time to get involved in town activities, which is important for making friends (although there wasn’t a huge number of young people). With a car, this would be a good place to be. Make sure you know exactly what you will be doing and think seriously about whether or not you will enjoy where you are living – it’s definitely worth visiting beforehand. Also, consider how much French you will be speaking.

Useful local words: "Cache-nez" (scarf in North of France), 'ça va aller' (very common).

What not to pack: Lots of books that I didn't read and cutlery etc that I should have bought in France.

What to pack: Some DVDs if you get bored easily!

Couldn’t have done without: My laptop, carte 12-25 and running shoes.

Word of advice: If you like a busy and vibrant lifestyle, don't go to a tiny village. Likewise, if you want to make lots of friends and have a close-knit group, avoid really big cities where you might feel lonely.

Lynn, English and French, Oxford University


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