Hang in there Hannover

Hang in there Hannover Hannover - Rathaus am Abend by ohaoha

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Hannover, Germany - stressful, bureaucratic, rude, cultured, pretty  History with German is a specific case, as the degree programme is structured so that the year abroad counts towards the final mark at the end of our degree. Despite this, and having talked to people who studied at other German universities, the University of Hannover was particularly unhelpful in general and Hannover is generally not a great place to go.  The social scene was ok. There are a few nice bars and clubs - it's not the best place to go if you want a really hard-core party sesh, but there is more to do and see than drink there. It's more of a cultural town than somewhere you can go and let loose in. Think first about what you want to get out of the year. If you want it to help with careers; work. If you want to have a good time/gain teaching experience; teach. If you want to learn more about your academic work; go to uni. Sounds obvious, but it really is so important.

Useful local words: ‘Moin’ (Hello), ‘Herri’ (Local Beer).

What not to pack: Phrase-books etc (just learn through practising).

What to pack: Warm clothes and documentation(!).

Couldn't have done without: Skype.

Word of advice: Throw yourself into the deep end. Go out there and just make friends, (make a fool of yourself if you have to). Do not live in university accommodation, move into a flat-share in order to meet more people.

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