Ilze studied in Grenoble on her year abroad and is now a social policy consultant for UNICEF in Florence

Ilze studied in Grenoble on her year abroad and is now a social policy consultant for UNICEF in Florence Grenoble by archangel 12

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Ilze did an MA in European Studies and International Relations at the University of Dundee and spent her year abroad studying in Grenoble. She graduated in 2009 and is now working as a social policy consultant for the UNICEF research centre in Florence.
"During the third year of my studies in Dundee, I was fortunate to go to Grenoble, France, to do an exchange for two semesters. I have been saying this for the last three years now, and can say it again: the exchange year in France was the best year in my life. 

By the end of that year, I spoke French, I had gained several life-long friendships, and I had received a university diploma ‘Politique et Administration Internationales’. The experience and knowledge I gained gave me many things I am grateful for. The most important thing I gained, however, was a greater self-confidence and more trust in my own capabilities. I realised that everything is possible, as long as I work hard and trust myself. I applied for an internship in Brussels, and I got accepted after finishing my exchange year in Grenoble. It was a very valuable three-month experience, which helped me realise what I wanted to do in the future.

After that I came back to Scotland where finished my final year and received a first class degree. My grades and experience got me into the Graduate School of Governance in the Netherlands where I did my MsC in Public Governance and Human Development. As part of my studies, I was selected to go to Mauritius to carry out a field work for three months, mainly because of my experience with living abroad and because I spoke French. 

The project in Mauritius, the internship in Brussels, the language skills, as well as multicultural experience, all helped me getting my present job in Florence. I am currently working as a social policy consultant for UNICEF’s research centre in Florence. My job involves developing a methodology to evaluate children’s state of well-being in the developing as well as the developed countries. I work in English and French on a daily basis. It would certainly not have been possible to get this position and do a job I really enjoy without the language skills and the confidence I gained during my exchange year in France."

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