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‘Now, give me a word...Any word...And I show you, how the root of that word... is Greek.’ Gus – My Big Fat Greek WeddingMost of you reading this have probably seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding and have remarked from it that the Greek people are passionate, friendly, lively, caring, family-orientated, highly patriotic and extremely confused when you ‘eat no meat.’ In my opinion, these characteristics are mostly true of Greek people and warrant a good reason to choose Greece as your year abroad destination. Greeks are also known for their hospitality and making Greek friends will open you up to a completely different way of life.
Why should I choose Greece for my year abroad?
Greece has an extremely long history dating back to Ancient times. Scientists believe that there have been humans in Greece since 50,000 B.C. Ancient Greece was the birthplace of democracy, Western civilization, the Olympic Games and drama. Today, Greece boasts the 12th largest coastline in the world as well as a variety of beautiful islands which you can visit. The capital, Athens, is an extremely busy and vibrant city with a great night life. Thessaloniki is the second largest city and is full of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman sites contrasted with newer architecture and a thriving seafront. There are many fantastic museums in both of these cities where you can learn about Greece throughout the ages. Greek museums are very well set out and often have free entry for students. Another area worth a visit is the Peloponnese which has beautiful forests and wonderful mountain walks. 

The lifestyle in Greece is very relaxed. You will always find people sitting around for hours in cafés. Shops and supermarkets are closed on Sundays so make sure you buy your food on Saturday though! Bars and clubs are open until 6AM and it is not unusual to go to a restaurant at midnight.
People don’t say this without grounds: Greek is a very difficult language to learn and extremely hard to master. The words are very long and the verbs complex to conjugate. Don’t let this put you off studying Greek at university, however, because it is a beautiful language. Very few people in the UK study it so it will set you apart from the crowd providing you a bright future in the world of work. 

Some basic phrases to get you started
Γεια σου/σας – hello, singular and informal / hello, plural and formal – (pronunciation ya soo and ya sas)
Τι κάνεις; - How are you?, singular and informal – (pronunciation tee kanees)
ναι – yes – (pronunciation – neh)
οχι – no – (pronunciation – ohee)
Ευχαριστώ – Thank you – (pronunciation efharistoh)
Παρακαλώ – Please - (pronunciation parakaloh)
Ένα, δύο,τρία – One, two, three (pronunciation enna, theeo, treeah)

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