Graz The Kunsthaus in Graz also known as the "Friendly Alien" by angelines.bilderwelt

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City of the AlternativeThe architecture of this sizeable city reflects a varied and colourful past, and matches the city's vibrant atmosphere. Slightly smaller than its cousin Vienna, Graz is packed with museums, galleries and cultural centres. Being less overwhelming than the capital, Graz also boasts its fair amount of green spaces—notably the Botanischer Garten, Graz's answer to Kew Gardens; refreshing to see some greenery in what can only be described as a mish-mash of a town.
Why should I choose Graz for my year abroad?
Graz is also home to a large proportion of the country's student population; maybe it's the red rooftops, or the century-old clock looking over the city, the array of cool bars scattered higgledy piggedly across the city, or the tiny traditional bookshops hidden in nooks and corners, but Graz's bohemian vibe brings in a steady flow of travellers, family tourists and students. Additionally, Graz has gained gravitas in terms of music festivals—known as the jazz capital of the Germanic world, Miles Jazz Bar and the Royal Garden are brilliant venues with particularly good acoustics. Many other bars populate the city, with some decent cocktails to be found, as good old-fashioned drinking holes serving the classic yards of beer.

Graz by fklienGraz, having many strings to its bow, was recognised as a cultural hotspot, winning the title of 'Europe's Culture Capital' in 2003, which has left its mark in many ways - but perhaps most originally in the form of the Graz Art Center, an exhibition hall in the shape of a bubble. Here, you can enjoy contemporary art exhibitions, as well as host of musical events. All in all, a pretty safe bet of a city!

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