Activities in Granada for under €10

Activities in Granada for under €10 by musical photo man

This article was written by Georgina Ristich, published on 12th March 2014 and has been read 3860 times.

Georgina is a student at the University of Kent and is spending her year abroad studying Sociology in Granada, Spain. Here are her top tips for exploring Granada and Andalusia and experiencing the true culture for under €10.

So, I’m currently on my year abroad in Granada in Spain, taking in the sights and generally having a blast when I receive a call from my bank. They want to check that I am in fact who I say I am because my money expenditure is consistent with fraudulent activities. Sorry to break it to you Natwest but I am not a criminal on the run in Spain, I’m just on my year abroad.

Since then, I have reduced my spending budget and I have been in search of cheap, student friendly activities that will still ensure that I will have an unforgettable year. I have compiled a top 10 list of things to do in Granada for under €10 that will guarantee a terrific year abroad.

1. The Alhambra

This stunning Moorish building that’s etched into the Granada landscape is what defines this city. It is on every postcard, tour guide and travel bucket list out there so it’s safe to say you have to visit it one way or another! The entry price varies depending on what part you want to see, however the Alcazaba palace and gardens are at a budget-friendly price of €7 for adults. 



Photo by Andreas Flohr 

2. Tapas

Wining and dining for €2 is a student’s dream. Order a drink at a tapas bar and get a free dish of food along with it. Students living in Granada will never want to eat a pot noodle again after being spoilt by the quality food and drink on offer. Tapas is ingrained into the culture here so you are not short of places to go throughout the city.

3. ‘Parque Carmen de los Mártires’
This serene garden is a wonderful retreat away from the bustling city. Here, you can amble through beautifully presented greenery, a Moorish house and observe the resident peacocks too. It’s completely free so you can either have an amble or study there in peace. 

4. Take a hike

Granada isn’t just a vibrant city it also has a wonderfully diverse rural area: from the mountains, the countryside, to the beach, everything is just a stones throw away. Take a bus ride to one of the neighbouring towns for a hike for about €3 return and enjoy a day exploring the natural beauty of the region.

5. ‘El Mirador de San Nicolas’

If you can’t afford to get into the Alhambra you can still admire its beauty from afar. This platform is nestled within the old Albaícin neighbourhood and offers you a breathtaking vista opposite the Alhambra. It’s become a rite of passage for Erasmus students to have a picture taken there and I guarantee almost all students will have that image on their Facebook wall too. This is, of course, totally free and I recommend you visit the Mirador throughout the year as the seasons change.

6. Museums

Erasmus isn’t just about the nightlife - it’s about the culture too. The local museums offer a personal insight into the regional identity and history that will leave you with a greater understanding and connection to the city. Take your pick from a range of themes from art, to archeology, to science. The entrance fee is never more than €5 and, generally, students get a discount.

7. ‘Teatro Municipal Isabel la Católica’

The centrally located theatre offers a wide variety of entertainment that will suit everyone, and plus, the tickets are a bargain compared to the West End! What’s not to like? Of course, not all tickets are under €10 but you can certainly find some great shows if you keep an eye out.

8. ‘Bohemia Jazz Café’

Like many hidden gems, this place is unassuming. I had walked past this place many times, presuming it was shut due to the blacked out windows. Oh how I was wrong. Bohemia Jazz Café transports you back to the 40’s and 50’s with a jukebox playing, vintage pictures stuck onto the wall and milkshakes on offer. Time stops in this café and you almost have to remind yourself what year it is once you leave. On Thursday nights live piano music begins from around 10pm with free entry, however this is extremely popular so you would need to arrive earlier in order to find a seat.

9. Urban Art

Not all art has to be inside of a museum. El Niño de las Pinturas is Granada’s answer to Banksy and most of his work is based in the Realejo neighbourhood. His murals tend to critique the social aspects in Spain and it’s interesting to see these from an outsider’s perspective. Have a wander through the streets and see how many images you can spot- this is a fun and free activity to pass the time.

10. ‘Hospital Real’

Usually, the thought of studying in the library fills me with dread, but when this one looks like Hogwarts on the inside, I am immediately inspired. Some of the books inside the Hospital Real are as old as the building itself and that is impressive considering it dates back to16th century. Even Indiana Jones would envy the historic artifacts that have gathered there, including a book once owned by Christopher Columbus along with his notes. Getting into the library is free and the café inside is so cheap that there is every reason to visit and procrastinate.

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