Body ills: The essential medical kit

Body ills: The essential medical kit First Aid Kit by lovelihood

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Getting ill on your year abroad, or even whilst your travelling unknown territory, can turn itself into a real dampener. Long bus rides, short-haul flights or even the odd horseback ride can prove themselves to be toxic for the delicate stomach, dainty joints or morning-after hangover...Your mother might have tried to plough you with different medicines, all varying shades of blue and green, with the added pills to boot, yet you may have chosen to disregard her crafty words of wisdom and infinite recalls of ‘what ifs and what nots’ concerning your bowels. Here’s our top essentials for the rough ride, if it ever comes about:
1) Paracetamol: This baby does the trick, when it comes to aching joints, disabling headaches and loads of other mishaps. A definite must-have, regardless of gender or hypochondriac tendencies.

2) Savlon: Antiseptic cream that will leave you as clean as a baby’s bottom, should you suffer any cuts or bruises on your travels. Nifty little tube, too - light enough to keep in your shower bag at all times.

3) Plasters: Circular, rectangular, square - bring some. You will be able to get these abroad, though they might be pretty old school (pain to remove), not that waterproof (no one likes a bit of skin-coloured tape at the bottom of the swimming pool) or just not that cool (it seems only Blighty has the cool figurine ones you had as a kid). Compeed do the best when it comes to blister cures: adios, feet in pain, hello hiking boots.

4) A decent pair of scissors: In case you need to make two plasters out of that huge one, or to cut up some tablet packs...

5) Immodium: This is the godliest cure for a deli-belly. Countless travellers swear by it, and with good reason. Trust us, the day you won’t pack it is the day the bowels will go all-a-quiver. Make sure you bring at least one pack, if not two.

6) Rehydration sachets: These are really useful in case you, well, you get dehydrated...Either due to various wrenching sessions or, alternatively, they make a very good cure for hangovers. You heard it here first.

7) Canesten: It might seem like you can get this everywhere, but sometimes, you’ll need a prescription. Best to bring some out with you, just in case you get a little uncomfortable below the belt...

8) Avomine: For all types of travel sickness and nausea. Particularly useful if you’re heading somewhere quite high up, or with a pretty high level of pollution.

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