Get a European Health Insurance (EHIC) card

Get a European Health Insurance (EHIC) card EHIC card by Telegraph

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Before heading off on your travels in Europe, don't forget to register for a free EHIC card (the application procedure takes 7 days, so don't leave it last minute!). Should you need medical treatment whilst visiting an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, make sure you have this card on hand as UK residents are entitled to medical treatment at a low cost or better yet: free!

Please note: the card is available online for FREE. Here is an article about EHIC scammers.

A year abroader got in touch with us to warn students about scammers: "I just wanted to say that recently I just got scammed renewing my European Health card ready for my year abroad. I don't want anyone else to fall into the trap! EHIC cards are totally free and everyone should go through the NHS website."

Find out more about the cover offered by the card.

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