Signposting around the world: Translation boo-boos

Signposting around the world: Translation boo-boos Today's Specials by Mr Noggin's

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 28th July 2010 and has been read 8505 times.

Going off on a year abroad (or just holidaying somewhere outside of the UK) can prove to be quite a shock to the system, with gratuitous translations thrown left, right and centre onto corrugated metal. Signposts, shop names and toilet etiquette have all been given some dodgy translations abroad, and we only felt it was just to dedicate a whole article to such gems as these...And there was this one time, in band camp...  
...when I started turning up in bars, only to notice on signposts (in Costa Rica, though this could be applicable the world over):


So I got a little peckish, instead, though I can’t work out whether I’m more preoccupied by the name or the advert copy (‘you can’t stop eating them’):


I then ran by a sign in Vancouver that unashamedly proclaimed:


So I just walked on by, and thought I'd explore the supermarket in a subdued area in Hawaii. That was the precise moment I realised I forgot my bankcard at home:


The Kraps having gone down the wrong way, I quickly made it back to England, only to discover I wasn't to be trusted:


So I made a quick escape, and travelled all the way down to New Zealand. Who said it wasn't tourist-friendly anyway?


On my way to the cemetery, I came across this sign of caution. Just plain WRONG:


And after so much walking, I thought a nice spot of cinema and popcorn might do the trick, over in San Diego. Nothing could prepare me for this though...


A trilogy?! You gotta be kidding me! So, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the sign people went and ruined this for me:


I mean is that really what goes on in there? Who knew. The Mexicans I met on the way out of there gave me some good directions, so as to head back home:


It seemed like quite a way down, so I thought I'd get a snack for the walk. Any guesses on the first one? That’s the one that really baffled me:


Shouldn't have gone for that footlong, actually. But thankfully ‘The magic atmosphere’ in Turkey got me through it all:


And then I had a thought, but just as I looked up to the sky I spotted this:


Time to call it a night, so I headed on down to the local hostel, only to discover that I didn't really get the set of rules. What's 'lodgend'? Sounds painful...


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