Funding Opportunities - Awards, Scholarships and Grants

Funding Opportunities - Awards, Scholarships and Grants by Monash University

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On top of the university travel grants, Erasmus grants and Student Finance loan available to you, there are other ways which will assist you to cover the costs associated with studying, working or researching abroad. Here's a list - which will be kept updated - of scholarships, awards and fellowships you can apply for.


Rotary Global Scholarship Grants - The scholarship funds graduate-level coursework or research for one to four academic years.
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust - Travelling Fellowships

Santander Scholarships and Grants - click here for a list of the universities that Santander work with.

Student Finance Travel Grant.

Scottish Outward Mobility Fund - if you're a Scottish student going to Canada, China, India or the USA (any duration) and/or another European country (less than 3 months), ask your uni to apply for a grant from the Outward Mobility Fund

Financial help for students from Northern Ireland

Financial help for students from Wales

For Scottish students who want to spend their whole degree abroad.


World Nomads - Travel Documentary Scholarship


Entente Cordiale Scholarships


DAAD one-year grant for PhD students (open to all disciplines) 

Hong Kong

British Council Hong Kong Scholarships for Excellence


JASSO - Student Exchange Support Programme


DUO - Singapore Exchange Fellowships Award - there are a limited number of awards available for students undertaking their year abroad in the National University of Singapore. 

South Korea



BUTEX Scholarships (Available to students studying in Canada too)
British Association for American Studies Awards
BUNAC Education Scholarship Trust (BEST) click here

Institute of International Education scholarships

Not sure what funding you need?

If you're still confused, check out this brilliant EU-funded website European Funding Guide. All you have to do is fill in a quick questionnaire and the website will sort through over 12,000 different sources of funding to find the ones that you are eligible to apply for. Super easy, SUPER useful!

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