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Dynamic Fukuoka fukuoka by saikofish

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Fukuoka, Japan - adventure, hot, friends, fun, best  Despite what people may know about sushi, when I got to Fukuoka I realised that my biggest problems would be gastronomic.  I was studying Japanese, and had very little knowledge about Japanese food, so when I found that I did not know what any food was, I struggled to find food that I liked, or knew how to describe.  The social life was brilliant though - what a city!  I stayed in a dormitory with 100 people, so I made quick friends there.  Nearby there are restaurants, game places, bars, etc. and in the city centre there is even more choice.  I went to Tokyo, Hiroshima (twice), Kumamoto, Oita and Kagoshima.

Useful local words: ' 飲み放題, 豚バラ、ラーメン '

What not to pack: Your phone from the UK, and anything you could buy over there; bedding, cutlery etc.

What to pack: An electronic dictionary and your laptop.

Couldn't have done without: My camera.

Word of advice: My advice is to learn about different types of food; how they are read and written - it will help a lot, especially when you first arrive.  At least you know you will be ordering beef rather than squid!

Christopher, Japanese and Information systems, Newcastle University

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