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If you're planning your year abroad and want to brush up on your French skills at no extra cost, how about practising online with a native speaker? There are many websites dedicated to connecting people from different countries, as well as offering exercises to improve your skills, language games and other ways to while away the hours while subconsciously thinking in French...
The BBC website has a few tests and comprehension exercises for those wanting to improve, although some of the material is perhaps better suited to beginners' level. Another good website for language testing, as well as information about French courses in Paris, is CFILC.  Test your French online with Bonjour de France. CIDIF is a comprehensive website directory of French language websites from all around the world. French Yahoo is a great way to get your linguistic juices flowing, with news, events and links for Francophiles the world over. Branchez-Vous is a great website to practise your reading skills, with a, well, comprehensive comprehension section. You can read up on all sorts of subjects, current affairs to literature to entertainment. Polar FLE is an interesting, if a little peculiar, addition to the list. With a detective story backdrop, readers can get on the case and solve the mysteries using their language skills! Tennessee University comes up with the goods, with an extensive directory of all things linguistic, professional and much more. Try out your tongue twisters in another language - if you're looking for inspiration, you should check out Mr. Twister's site For all those entering (or thinking of entering) the world of work, you should make a note of Projet Dafa's business dictionary. Looking for something a little more proactive?  Check out our Affordable French: learn without breaking the bank article.

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