France Playing to the spirit of Paris! by Hamza Hydri

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Every single year, an estimated 75 million people succumb to the allure of France. With the glimmering romance of Paris, the frenetic frisson of the Alps, the scenic stretches of tranquil pastoral fields, the high life of the sunny South; it comes as no surprise that it is the world's most popular tourist destination. Read case studies written by year abroad students in France Find out everything you need to know for your year abroad in France Insider guides to your year abroad in France: The Mole Diaries Student accommodation in France Why you need to set up a French bank account: understanding the CAF University in France - how it all works French Culture Shock French Practice Online French language learning resources Accessing healthcare in France Languages and dialects in France CNOUS-CROUS: the institutional portal for student life in France
Why should I choose France for my year abroad?
Any fancy, small or big, will be tickled! France is not only a cheese and wine emporium, as legend would have us believe (although there are a lot of these on offer, especially in Bordeaux!); decadent by nature, France offers its visitors fine food, fine wine and fine culture. Known to many as the epicentre of all things artistic, France also offers nature-lovers a thing or two: from the rugged coasts of Brittany and the deep ravines of the Pyrenees to the sweet pastures of the Loire Valley; each and every region boasts its own distinctive characters, dialects and architecture. So whether you're working or studying, we can guarantee you'll be in for a treat with l'Héxagone, once you get past the notorious red tape.

Nancy in France by bcnbitsMake the most of the cheap train fares and visit parts of the country that really look straight out of Jean de Florette, go grape picking in the Landes region and enjoy a drink made out of the fruits of your labour, go for a shopping spree in Toulouse, enjoy the relaxed student vibe in Lyon, make the most of the Alps in Chamonix, or rock up to the casino in trendy Nice. All in all, France offers students everything you could ask for in terms of food, fashion, French flair and all-important fun on your year abroad!

Just for fun: try a French crossword or wordsearch


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