The 5 stages of grief: according to Spanish lectures

The 5 stages of grief: according to Spanish lectures Spanish Class by Cody Badger

This article was written by Georgina Ristich, published on 14th May 2014 and has been read 8912 times.

Georgina is a student at the University of Kent and is spending her year abroad studying Sociology in Granada, Spain. Here are the five stages of grief according to her experiences in Spanish lectures at university in Granada.

Never has sitting in a classroom been such an emotional experience. Here are the very defined feelings I go through each lesson: 

1. 15 minutes in…


It can’t be just me who hasn’t understood a word of what has been said. Perhaps they have a speech impediment? I mean, I have been learning Spanish for years now and I should be able to…oh wait, no, have I lost the ability to understand Spanish? Have I not improved in ANY way since September?! Just look at all those smug Spanish students understanding him perfectly. They don’t understand my pain! 

2. 1 hour in


OK. This isn’t funny anymore. Their mouth is moving but no real words are coming out. That’s it. I refuse to go to any more lessons…I can’t be learning anything anyway and it’s not fair!


1 hour 15 minutes in

Please, I am begging you; just add a PowerPoint slide or just anything with pictures in - something that a five year old would perhaps understand. I promise that I would continue coming to classes… please?

4. 1 hour 30 minutes in


I’ve failed my year abroad.

5. 1 hour 55 minutes in

My notes don’t totally suck and I think I may have actually made some legible notes. I have survived! I mean, I am learning this language, so I can’t expect to understand everything. I can do this - I am going to master this language and then I’ll be able to learn Italian and Mandarin and French and…

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