Finding accommodation in Seville: All you need to know!

Finding accommodation in Seville: All you need to know!

This article was written by Elise Davies, published on 17th April 2015 and has been read 15130 times.

Elise Davies is studying French and Spanish at Bangor University. She spent the first semester of her year abroad working as a receptionist and a waitress in a Hostel in the French Alpes and is now doing an internship in a housing company in Seville, Spain. Here are some tips she has picked up for finding the ultimate Spanish accommodation!

Are you at that stage in your degree where second year is coming to an end more quickly than you would like it to? Are you starting to wonder what your third year abroad has in store for you and how to go about all of the intricate details such as finding accommodation? If you are, then please take my advice and don’t panic! There are plenty of links to reliable companies and organisations that are designed to help people in your position find the right place to live. So don’t worry! There is a support system out there for you!

When I first arrived in Seville in January, I was doing an internship in one of the language schools in the city centre. I was also one of the daring people who decided to go to Spain without having previously organised accommodation so that I could ensure that I found the right place. During the first couple of weeks when I was living life on the edge in a hostel, I went to visit a few flats in the city but also came across a housing company called Roommates Sevilla which was recommended to me by one of my colleagues at the school. I was immediately impressed when I entered the Roommates Sevilla office as I was welcomed by a very friendly team of people who I immediately trusted due to their professionalism and helpful attitude. At the time, I was feeling quite stressed as I was in a completely new country as an ex ab initio Spanish student so was also struggling with the demands of the language. However, the staff at Roommates Sevilla were incredibly kind and patient with me which made me feel much more secure in my new environment. They talked me through a number of different accommodation options and contracts and also took me for some flat viewings. Although they are able to speak English, they were very respectful of the fact that I am here to learn Spanish and therefore communicated with me in a way that I was able to understand, which gave me a chance to gain confidence with the language at the same time.

Shortly after my visit to the office, my contract at the language school ended very suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances, so I therefore had to return to my university in the UK for a couple of weeks in order to find another work placement in Spain. During this time I had interviews with numerous companies and it was only in my second week back in the UK that I suddenly had a brain wave and thought about contacting Roommates Sevilla to see if they would be able to take an intern. I very quickly had an internship arranged there and returned to Spain just days afterwards to start the following week.

I am now a good two months into my full time internship at Roommates Sevilla and am enjoying every moment of it! I feel extremely privileged to be working with such incredible people and am also fortunate enough to be living in one of their student flats in the city centre. The reason that I am writing this article is not to be biased but to give you information about a company that can provide you with safe, comfortable, and affordable accommodation if you are going to spend some of or all of your year abroad in Seville. Having now been working here for a few months and having been a client in the past, I know that this company not only rent out accommodation to international students, but also work with their clients on a personal level and introduce them to other like-minded people. Now that I am coming to the end of my year abroad I know that one of the hardest things can be the feeling of being alone in a foreign country. However, if you rent accommodation with Roommates Sevilla, you are guaranteed fantastic customer service, caring and friendly people to help you, and most importantly an unforgettable stay in Seville!

So to anybody going to Seville either to study or work, I would highly recommend Roommates Sevilla to help you find accommodation as the shared flats and apartments are clean, well looked after, and the team are extremely honest and trustworthy which is what every international student needs to have in order to have a good experience abroad! Whether you use my advice or not, best of luck with your accommodation search and also the year abroad as a whole! You are about to embark on an experience of a lifetime that will benefit you in so many ways so make the most of every moment! 

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