Extracurricular classes on your year abroad in Spain

Extracurricular classes on your year abroad in Spain Spanish activities by tmfotki

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Spain is known for its dancing, its passion, its cooking and its sense of theatricality. If you are one of the lucky few who’s made it to the Iberian peninsula, you should think about taking out some extra classes to help you get to grips with this captivating culture. Whether you’re working or studying, there is bound to be something to suit your tastes and timetable. ¡Arriba!

1. General Courses and Classes

For an extensive list of what you can get up to during your time in Spain, you should check out chuffa - classes are scattered across the country, with info about all sorts of courses and talleres to be had in Spain. Olx also offers some more info about pottery, drawing and sculpture so keep your eyes peeled for new adverts. If you’re a budding writer, you should take a look at Escuela de Escritores’ site for courses across Spain. Photogaphy enthusiasts will enjoy fotografia.net’s listings, up and down the country. If acting is your thing, check out Escuelas de teatro to find the right school for you.

2. Madrid

Tradición offers all a foodie could wish for: with courses ranging from cheese-making to chocolates, to traditional relishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Find dance, singing and theatre schools thanks to Salir around the capital. For photography, cinema, dramatic arts and more in Madrid, make sure you check out the Metropolis school.

3. Barcelona

To find out all the top art classes Guadí’s native city of Barcelona has to offer, you can’t afford to miss out on arteenbarcelona’s site. If you choose to really immerse yourself in Catalan culture, you might be tempted to learn the language at one of its many language schools; for further info, take a gander at Barcelona language schools here. The CITM offers a range of photography courses, to suit all sorts of working hours and timetables. If you’re into singing, check out cantobarcelona for more info.

4. Bilbao

All you need to know about what’s on offer in the city can be found at bilbao.net, with pdf formats to download for sports, leisure and culture, to name but a few. Dance schools and Euskari language schools can be found on salir’s Bilbao version. Pasos de baile offers all sorts of traditional bailes, from native Spanish through to more risqué Latin numbers.

5. Granada

With such a heavy Moorish influence still felt as you walk through the city’s gates, it’s no surprise that you’ll be able to book yourself into arabic cooking classes, bellydancing and more in this multicultural city. To tickle your tastebuds and show off your skills here and back home, look into Escuela y cocina en Granada. Flamenco should be high on your list if you fancy taking some fancy footwork lessons, check out olx for more info. Granada is also big on photography - you can hear about all the courses on cursos de fotografía. Yuzin, although a bit scrambled and difficult to read, has just about every course and taller on offer in the city in one block listing. Espacio arte deals with dance, themed workshops and painting for those artistically inclined.

6. Valencia

Being the third largest city in Spain, Valencia is known as much for its traditional folklore as its state-of-the-art architecture. With a booming student vibe, you can find a variety of courses on offer. Literature is big here and you might be able to make friends with a book club or take out a short course at the many events on offer at the biblio café. Photography courses for camera enthusiasts can be found at Talleres fotografía. For something really different, you could learn how to construct a cajón flamenco, learn more about medicinal plants and more at the talleresycursos workshops. Arte Mitjans offers art courses, for all ages and aptitudes. 

7. Seville

If you’re looking into stretching your hand skills to pottery, glass painting or watercolour painting, milanuncios will be the perfect place to find out more about activities going on in Seville. For cookery classes, you should take a look at this blog, lions and pancakes, to find out more. Yoga and dance is also big here, so make sure you check the regular listings on olx. If you fancy penning the next big thing in Hispanic literature, why not enrol on a novella course. Similarly, if Benicio del Toro seems a touch under what you could achieve, given a camera and bit of imagination, you might be interested in taking out a guión course.

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