5 Photos: My Erasmus semester in Toulouse

5 Photos: My Erasmus semester in Toulouse Photo 1 by Hannah Casling

This article was written by Hannah Casling, published on 23rd October 2012 and has been read 6111 times.

Hannah Casling is studying Modern Languages and Cultures (French and German) at Durham University, and is spending her year abroad doing a work placement in Essen, Germany and an Erasmus exchange studying in Toulouse, France. Here are five photographs which epitomise her semester abroad in Toulouse...
Photo 1: This is just one of the colourful streets in Toulouse, the city where I spent four months as an Erasmus student. It comes as a reminder to embrace the French culture on your Year Abroad – just wander around to discover the best cafés and crêperies, learn about the local history, and get to know the French people. And don’t forget to sample Cassoulet, Toulouse’s signature dish.

Photo 2Photo 2: This is Pont Neuf, a bridge over the Garonne River in Toulouse. It’s a beautiful city thanks to its red brickwork and windy streets, all set along the stunning Garonne. It’s a large student city with plenty on offer, including a wide array of restaurants, bars, shops and museums.

Photo 3Photo 3: This photo was taken during a one-day hiking trip to the French Pyrenees. The trip was organised by SUAPs, the sports organisation for the University Toulouse II-Le Mirail. SUAPs also provide skiing and snowboarding day trips and residential windsurfing courses, as well as numerous sports clubs on campus including rock climbing, cycling and dance. Clubs are (with a few exceptions) free for Erasmus students and are a great way to meet new people outside of study.

Photo 4Photo 4: This photo is of Bayonne, a coastal city just ten minutes from Biarritz in the south-west of France. As an Erasmus student in Toulouse, these two cities provide the perfect getaway break during mid-term break or post exams. Wander the small streets to find the best cafés and chocolatiers, take in the striking Basque buildings with their deep timbers and bold coloured shutters, and maybe even try your hand at surfing on the Atlantic Coast.

Photo 5Photo 5: I came across this sign in Strasbourg the day before I left France to return to England. This photo really does some up my feelings at the end of my year abroad. Thanks to the Erasmus scheme and generous grant, my eyes were opened to the wealth of opportunities available abroad and I am now aiming for an internationally-oriented career which will permit me to develop my love of languages and travel.

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