Emily's spending her year abroad at the State University of New York

Emily's spending her year abroad at the State University of New York State University of New York by Leo Reynolds

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Tell us a bit about yourself...I'm a second year student at Cardiff University, studying Social Science (BsC).Give us an overview of your planned year abroad...I'm going to SUNY (State University of New York) in New Paltz to complete my third year out there. I may look into part time work but I'm not entirely sure yet.
In terms of organising your time away, what stage have you reached?
I've only just got the forms so I'm in the process of filling them out. They include my personal details, copies of documents to show that I can afford it and my module choices. Once the forms are completed I'm going to print them off and give them back to the Study Abroad Coordinator for her to send off by the 1st of May. This apparently is just a formality as Cardiff has already confirmed my place. The next stage will be SUNY sending me applications regarding housing, meal plans, airport pick up, information on orientation etc.

How helpful has your university been in helping you prepare?

Emily's spending her third year abroad at  the State University of New YorkThe university has actually been really helpful. I had a meeting with the Study Abroad Coordinator to talk through the application and what type of responses I'm expected to give, as well as giving me the chance to ask any questions. I then had a meeting with Rob Evans, my lecturer. Prior to the meeting, I had to narrow down my module choices and when I met him, he checked that they were acceptable. They've also put me in contact with people already over there as well as people in the same position as me. I've e-mailed them a good few times with questions and queries and they've really helped me out.

What are you doing this summer to help you prepare?
To prepare, I just plan to buy anything that I may need as well as sorting out flights. The rest will hopefully be sorted by then!

How are you feeling about your year abroad overall?

I'm feeling really excited actually. It's a scary thing and I am nervous but I hope that even though it'll be scary, it should be a good and worthwhile thing for me to do.

How do you think your year abroad will benefit you in the future?
I'm hoping that it will benefit me by giving me some life experience. I'm very attached to my family so I hope that this year abroad will force me to become more independent. I think that if I'm thrown in at the deep end, I'll have to deal with it. I also hope that it will look good on my CV, by showing future employers I've had experience abroad. I like to think that if I decide to move over there one day, this experience will make the process easier as I will already know the place and (hopefully!) have friends there.

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