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This article was written by Lisa Gerard, published on 20th August 2010 and has been read 2962 times.

Lisa Gerard gives us her interpretation on homely Dallas, Texas...It's home (well, quite literally, for me at least)...Most of Dallas and its surrounding suburbs are mainly residential areas, making it a less appealing choice as an exchange destination, understandably. However, with universities like Southern Methodist University and University of North Texas (a great music school), you can pursue a strict academic curriculum along with plenty of laid-back, enthusiastic, and culturally involved students in intimately sized classes implemented not only to ease one’s transition into “college life” but also to create a more cohesive student body.
It may not be Manhattan, but the constantly improving scene in the Uptown and Downtown areas of the city provide ample opportunities for exciting 'nights on the town' and definitely won’t require as steep of a cover charge.

Dallas and its surrounding areas also provide several fantastic museums as well as a wide spectrum of cuisines. I was fortunate enough to intern for the Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University this summer and I can honestly report that it has a phenomenal collection — though rather under-appreciated and overlooked due to other larger collections in the city.  However the city's museums are surprisingly far more impressive than one would think, boasting collections with art ranging from classic to contemporary, as well as notable traveling exhibitions. While better restaurants can be found in cities such as Austin and, certainly, cities along the East and West coasts of the US, Dallas makes a valiant effort to please its residents, with restaurants that offer cooking from around the world. However, a problem you may encounter in cities like Dallas is the undeniable need for a car. Public transportation, though present, isn't exactly appealing or practical for efficient travel within the city, and walking is not really an option since places are so spread out. So, purchasing a car or befriending a car owner would probably be best...

Some of the best museums include the Kimbell Museum of Art, in Forth Worth, Texas; the Dallas Museum of Art, in (surprisingly) Dallas; another one of my favourites is the Southern Methodist University’s Meadows Museum, in Dallas, which has loads of Hispanic art. The Nasher Sculpture Garden, in Dallas, is also really cool, as is the Trammell & Margaret Crow Asian Art Museum.

1. Mi Cocina (Tex-Mex)
Signature dish: Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas with black beans and rice
2. Goff’s Burgers (when I ate meat, of course — American)
Signature dish: Honestly, the best hamburgers. Try the relish sauce!
3. Palomino (Italian)
Signature dish: Four cheese penne, but leave space for dessert as both the Tiramisu and Bread Pudding are to die for.
4. Rise No. 1 (French)
Signature dish: Either Truffle Mushroom Soufflé (savory) or Bread Pudding Soufflé (sweet)
5. The Oceanaire (Seafood)
Signature dish: Chesapeake Bay Style Crab Cakes and the Norwegian Salmon

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