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The Czech Republic has played home to hundreds of thousands of immigrants across the centuries, Germans, Jews, Frenchmen and Italians alike, all huddled to this patch of fertile land to build their castles, their roots and their way of life. Today, relics of times past are still visible in many parts of the country; from the Gothic castles to the Baroque buildings found up and down the land. Prague is seen as the most picturesque city the country has to offer, yet don’t be fooled, the university town of Olomouc is bursting with life, gorgeous architecture and museums to see; Ostrava, as the third largest town, has plenty to offer and Brno is the unsung hero of the South. Whether you’re working or studying, you’ll be sure to benefit from the culture, the food, the music and more...
Why choose the Czech Republic for my year abroad?
With the crown being so cheap for most Europeans, you are guaranteed to spend a good time in the Czech Republic, without denting your budget and saving your pennies for trips in or outside of the country. Though quite small, the Czech Republic has a lot to offer the year abroad student. From castles to Renaissance buildings, to natural reserves, to spectacular scenery and student towns, it’s definitely a cracker. As it’s landlocked, you can easily take a trip to nearby Germany, go out for a beer in Poland or make the most of yodelling in Austria. Then again, once you’ve seen the magic of Prague, experienced the beer of Telč and visited the wonderland of Český Ráj, with its towering rock formations and ornate castles, you might just decide to stay put! Hundreds of students flock to Prague and Olomouc each year to study abroad, making these towns prime hunting ground for parties, Erasmus nights and cultural exchanges. If you’ve decided to work here, you’ll get the chance to improve your CV in one of the most beautiful countries Eastern Europe has to offer, with your English being a great advantage for any employer. Cheaper than most other countries, with food, culture and beer to die for, as well as a hospitable people, you’d be mad to miss out on a chance to get to know this mesmerising country, whether on holiday or on your year abroad!

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