Culture Shock: Italy

Culture Shock: Italy We (heart) Italian coffee by zoekat

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 12th February 2010 and has been read 42643 times.

Prepared for a whole new way of life in Italy, but not really sure what you're letting yourself in for? Read on for our favourite Italian observations...
1. Most places are shut on Monday mornings and for a couple of hours at lunchtime.

2. Italians rarely drink to get drunk, they see wine as a complement to the meal and Italian women hardly drink at all.

3. Italians eat pasta daily and don’t seem to get fat! That’s because they buy the pasta which takes longest to cook; it’s healthier because the starch is broken down more.

4. Many Italians have never used a kettle – they boil water in a saucepan and don’t really drink tea.

5. You can’t buy fresh juice from shops or supermarkets (make your own – there is amazing fresh fruit available).

6. Clubs are places to find a date: everyone is therefore there on the lookout, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself being checked out from all corners. Italian couples don’t go clubbing.

7. Many cinemas have half-time fag breaks (great for discussing the film if you're not completely fluent in the language!)

8. Italians think zebra crossings are very pretty but don’t know what they’re actually for... beware! (and watch out for their infamous bad driving as well)

9. Italians eat cakes and pastries (and a cappuccino of course) for breakfast – it might be worth joining them as cereal is quite expensive and they don’t seem to eat toast.

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