Create your CV and other important documents in another language

Create your CV and other important documents in another language Bibliography by gadl

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Europass helps individuals highlight their experience and expertise in an effective way. It can help to remove barriers to working, studying or training in Europe. It is FREE and enables people to present their skills, competencies and qualifications in a way that is clear and understandable.

It is a portfolio of five documents, which conform to a standard format in all European countries:

1. Europass Curriculum Vitae

The Europass CV helps users highlight their skills, qualifications and work experience. It provides a template to help users draw attention to the attributes that will set them apart from others. It can be downloaded through the UK NEC website.

2. Europass Language Passport

The Europass Language Passport makes it possible for users to record their language ability. Users can record language courses they have completed, any language experience they have and rank their proficiency to a common European scale of language skill. It can be downloaded for self-assessment through the UK NEC website.

3. Europass Mobility

This document allows users to record a period that they have spent learning or training abroad. These experiences can help increase cultural awareness and improve employability. The Europass Mobility document can also help with the recognition of an individual’s learning. Anyone completing a placement or course under the Lifelong Learning Programme is automatically eligible for a Europass Mobility document.

4. Europass Certificate Supplement

The Certificate Supplement provides additional information about the type of education and training that an individual has completed. It is an appendix to vocational qualification certificates for use in an international context.

5. Europass Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement is similar to the Certificate Supplement, but it deals with higher education qualifications. It again provides information about the qualification and content, but it also has information about the country’s education system. It is an appendix to higher education degree or diploma for use in an international context.

A Europass portfolio can comprise any number of these instruments, depending on the experience of the individual. Instruments can be added or edited when new experiences or qualifications are acquired. In short, Europass can help make skills and qualifications more transparent across Europe. It can help employers and admitting institutions to understand more clearly what an individual is able to contribute.

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