Country-specific grants

Country-specific grants Piazza del Campo, Siena by PhillipC

This article was written by Natacha Cullinan, published on 8th February 2010 and has been read 6405 times.

France If you’re interested in higher education in France, then bookmark It’s an extensive search engine for grants in France. You can search by type of grant, subject area, level of education and even nationality. Germany For funding in Germany, the DAAD should be your first port of call. They too have a handy search engine where you can research the different types of funding offered by not only the DAAD, but also other financial support organisations. Spain The Spanish website Universaria is worth checking out for information on grants, scholarships and funding available in Spain as well as for European nationals. It’s also packed with info about the education system, so do have a look at their various sections.  

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