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This article was written by Poppy Bending Beckett, published on 10th August 2010 and has been read 3114 times.

The Garden CityChristchurch has gained itself the attractive nickname of the ‘Garden City’, a name which reflects the huge number of beautiful tree-lined parks and wide open spaces throughout the city, great for wiling away the mild summer days with a good book or a bunch of your new found Kiwi friends. Many argue it’s the most attractive city in New Zealand, with the beautiful river Avon running its way sleepily through the city and the pedestrianised area of Cathedral square in the city centre laden with trendy bars and cafés.
Why should I choose Christchurch for my year abroad? 
Christchurch definitely seems deserving of its reputation, and you’ll soon notice the British air about the place, which only adds to its charm. Capital of the South Island and second largest city in New Zealand, Christchurch also has a light bohemian thread to its bow, with many festivals taking place throughout the year. The Arts have really taken off here, with restaurants, arthouse cinemas and interesting museums to tickle your fancy. the city has a thriving business centre, and a busy cosmopolitan feel. Located two thirds of the way down the South island, Christchurch has easy access to beautiful beaches and mountains. So if you get fed up of the late nights, or your liver is crying out for a bit of down time, then you can discover your own little tranquil spot in the country within half an hour of leaving the city.