Choose your UK university based on its year abroad offering

Choose your UK university based on its year abroad offering by IBN Live

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If you are considering doing an undergraduate degree at a UK university, it is quite likely that you have the option to study abroad whatever your degree course! (here are 100 reasons to study abroad, to remind you why it's so important to go...) Some universities are much more flexible and open to this than others though, so it's very important that you know your options before you apply - you don't want to get a nasty surprise in second year as your university prevents you from having the best year of your life!

We work with university International Offices across the UK, and often find it difficult to locate their Study Abroad page on their website, so we decided to compile The Definitive List of UK University Year Abroad Sites (and online guides) to make it really easy for you to compare and contrast your dream course based on universities' year abroad offerings. Here's a list of UK university courses which offer a year abroad.

Our aim?
We hope that the result of this will be that universities put more effort into their year abroad programme, giving many more students many more options to study, work or volunteer abroad during their degree.

The following starred (*) universities are working proactively with to give their students more year abroad support.


University of Aberdeen - find out about your study abroad and exchange options from the University of Aberdeen.
Aston University - find out about spending a year abroad from Aston University.


University of Bath - discover your year abroad options from the University of Bath.
University of Birmingham - here are your year abroad options from the University of Birmingham. @yearabroadbham
Birmingham City University - study abroad with the Business or English schools at Birmingham City University.
University of Bolton - you have many study abroad options at the University of Bolton.
University of Bournemouth - you can study abroad from the University of Bournemouth.
University of Bradford - outbound exchange students have many options - Guide: Study Abroad options for University of Bradford students (pdf)
University of Brighton - you can do a work placement or Erasmus exchange from the University of Brighton.
University of Bristol - study and work abroad placements from the University of Bristol. @UoBrisSWAP
University of Bristol West of England - study abroad information for UWE students - and a guide for parents too.


University of Cambridge - discover your year abroad options from the University of Cambridge.
Canterbury Christ Church University - study abroad, Erasmus and exchanges from CCCU.
Cardiff University - Check out Cardiff's Erasmus page and their Guide for Outgoing Students (pdf)
University of Central Lancashire - Outgoing students information and read UCLan's study abroad brochure (pdf)
University of Chester - study abroad placements from the University of Chester.


University of Derby - exchange options for Derby students.
University of Dundee - Erasmus, Transatlantic, Australasian student exchanges are on offer at Dundee. Durham University - find out the year abroad student options at Durham University. @durhamIO


The University of East Anglia - exchange options for students from UEA
The University of Edinburgh - international and Erasmus exchanges from Edinburgh Uni, but before you go: read the handbook (pdf)
University of Essex - year abroad options for Essex's outgoing students and the Study Abroad Handbook (pdf)
University of Exeter - you can study, do a work placement or teach on your year abroad from Exeter.


University of Glasgow - study abroad and exchange options from Glasgow and their pre-departure guide (pdf)
Glasgow Caledonian University - opportunities to work and study abroad from GCU.


Heriot-Watt University - advice for outgoing students from Heriot-Watt.
University of Hull - extend your horizons and broaden your mind on your year abroad from Hull.


Imperial College London - collaborative arrangements and placements for Imperial students, and the Placements Abroad Handbook (pdf)


King's College London - discover the world with KCL @breakfastabroad
Keele University - you can study or work abroad with Keele, and their message is that the experience will make you stand out.
University of Kent - "the UK's European university" have many year abroad options and a handy guide (pdf)@KentStudyAbroad
Kingston University London - study or work on your year abroad from Kingston.


Leeds Metropolitan University - Erasmus opportunities from Leeds Met, and check out their pre-departure briefing (ppt)
Leeds University - get everything you need from Leeds's brilliant year abroad microsite and their Wellbeing Abroad site too.
Leeds Trinity University College - Guide for studying abroad in Europe or North America.
University of Leicester - exchange and study abroad opportunities for Leicester students.
University of Liverpool - "studying or working abroad as part of your degree is the opportunity of a lifetime - take it now!" Here's Liverpool's Exchanges handbook (pdf) too.
Liverpool Hope University - year abroad options for Liverpool Hope students.
Loughborough University - Erasmus, international exchange and study abroad for Loughborough students.


Manchester University - frequently asked questions about the year abroad from Manchester Uni. @UoM_StudyAbroad
Manchester Metropolitan University - outgoing exchanges from MMU. @MMU_Languages


University of Newcastle - year abroad opportunities for Newcastle students, and a handy overview of the Year Abroad (pdf) @NUInternational
University of Northumbria - their Erasmus microsite says it all!
Nottingham Trent University - flexible year abroad options from Nottingham Trent Uni.
The University of Nottingham - information about exchanges overseas for Nottingham students. @UoNIntOffice


Oxford Brookes - you have a "range of opportunities to see the world" if you're at Oxford Brookes, and here's their exchanges handbook (pdf)
University of Oxford - travel or study abroad as part of your degree.


Plymouth University - Erasmus and North American exchanges for Plymouth students.
University of Portsmouth - find out why you should go overseas and see your options as a Portsmouth student.


Queen Margaret University - you can only study while you're abroad as a Queen Margaret's student.
Queen Mary University of London - all Queen Mary undergraduate students (with the exception of students in Law, Dentistry and Medicine) are eligible to apply for the year abroad.


University of Reading - Erasmus and study abroad for Reading students. @UniRdg_IntOff
Robert Gordon University - international exchanges for outgoing RGU students.
Roehampton University - international exchange programmes for Roehampton students.
Royal Holloway University of London - study abroad opportunities for RHUL students. Check out their International Exchange brochure (pdf)


University of Salford, Manchester - Erasmus and international exchange opportunities for Salford students.
University of Sheffield - find out more about the Erasmus offerings from the University of Sheffield and check out the Handbook for outbound students (pdf)
School of Oriental and African Studies University of London - information for outgoing SOAS students - take a look at the application criteria (docx)
University of Southampton - year abroad opportunities for Southampton students.
University of St. Andrews - everything St. Andrews students need to know about exchanges and study abroad.
St Mary's University College, Twickenham, London - opportunities for St Mary's students to study abroad.
University of Stirling - broaden your horizons: study abroad!
University of Sunderland - study abroad and exchange opportunities for Sunderland students.
University of Sussex - study abroad opportunities for Sussex students.
University of Surrey - international and Erasmus exchanges for Surrey's outgoing students.


Teeside University - gain an international perspective from an exchange programme at Teeside University.


University College London - find out about UCL students abroad.


University of Wales, Newport - why, where and how you can study abroad as a Newport student, and read the outgoing Erasmus student guide (pdf)
University of Wales, Trinity St. David - study abroad opportunities with Trinity St. David.
University of Warwick - experience studying abroad with Warwick Uni. @Warwickhelp
University of the West of Scotland - study abroad is "one of the best educational opportunities" they can give you.
University of Westminster - "If you were offered the chance of a lifetime, you'd take it - right?!" Year/Semester abroad from Westminster.
University of Worcester - find out about exchange programmes for UW students, and read the outgoing student booklet (doc)


The University of York - study, work or volunteer abroad during your degree at The University of York. Here are the pre-departure notes (docx)

P.S. Follow the International Office you're interested in on Twitter, or follow all of them to see which is best at keeping in touch! 

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