The dark horse: Charleville-Mezières

The dark horse: Charleville-Mezières Les arcades de la place Ducale à Charleville-Mezieres by Jupacri

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Charleville-Mezières, France - cold, wet, poor, friendly, attractive  Charleville is quite small with not a lot to do - but the people are lovely though, I had a brilliant time. The locals were very friendly, but there were no clubs or bars to speak of. It was quiet but I think that forced people to band together and groups of friends were very close. As they say "variety is the spice of life".  The number of forms that need to be filled in is a joke; a lot is expected of you in this regard.

Useful local words: 'Ça câille', '...quoi' (filler at the end of nearly every phrase), 'Ah la la la la la', oh and 'BAH OUAIS!!'.

What not to pack: Shorts and's not always very hot in France.

Charleville-Mezières town hall by zeph2What to pack: Coat, umbrella and a clothes horse!

Couldn't have done without: An openness to new things and a friendly smile.

Word of advice: Don't rely on others to sort things out for you, be a pest and make sure you get all the necessary information directly, DO NOT leave it up to someone else to get back to you on anything, only you have your best interests at heart.

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