Caroline's son spent 6 months each in Paris and Madrid

Caroline's son spent 6 months each in Paris and Madrid Paris - Franklin D. Roosevelt Métro station by wallyg

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Where did your child go?  He went to Paris and MadridHow long did he stay there for?   George spent 6 months in each city.
What did he do out there? 
He worked for Car Glass in Paris and CPP 'Life Assistance' in Madrid.

What were your main concerns? 
I wanted him to find an interesting job where he would be stretched and mix with local people.  Finding somewhere to live was also a concern.

What did you do to try and cope with her year abroad? What advice would you give to parents in a similar situation? 
I helped find jobs for him through friends; I found a Spanish contact who employed him as conversation teacher to her children.

In hindsight, do you think you were right to worry as much as you did? 

I didn't worry that much!

Is there anything you feel you could have done differently? 

Not really, although George might think otherwise!

Would you recommend a year abroad for students? 


How do you think your child benefited from a year abroad? 
He went through a big learning curve while he found accommodation, got to know each city and mixed with the locals.  One job was better than the other, but we couldnt have known that before.  He's become more independent and responsible and has good budgeting skills.

How do you think you benefited from his year abroad? 
I really enjoyed visiting both cities.

Would you like him to go abroad again?

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